December 22 - 27, 2005

An exploration further north in the park than we had been before, from
Satara via Olifants to Letaba

Plenty of elephants close to Satara

Lone male chows down on some luscious riverbank grasses
Bobbejaan Krans pool, close to Satara . A group of Hyenas and their cubs wakes up after an overnight feast.
On the road to Timbavati from Satara, a group of Female cats..... ........crossed our track in the early morning.....
..with seven youngsters. Approaching Bangu waterhole on the Olifants road....
......plenty of Olifants near Olifants! These wildebeest were giving birth under the bush
Heather at Olifants lookout Sunset from the camp overlooking the Olifants river.

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