The Great Cameleopard hunt

Eh??? Wot???

May 2006

Sometimes, for one reason or another, we see lots of one certain type of animal,
but few of anything else. This time it was the long tall ones.

Tall cool one

Giraffe tongue contains more muscles than the entire human body

But the same number of neck bones....

Yummy leaves -
diet is entirely new leaf shoots..
...and the occassional vine.....

Two headed giraffe!
Paler one is much younger
- the older the giraffe the darker it gets

ooo you lookin at?
Giraffe have very good eyesight -
they can spot movement at several kilometres

Not To say we didn't see other things.........

Here's a pair of Redbilled Oxpeckers, for example...

And a colorful sundappled forest glade...

....aaaannndd.. at last here is...TAAADAAA.
..a ZEBRA CROSSING!!!!! Ahem excuse me.

OK I promise to stop monkeying around

All pictures © 2006; Bill Osborne and Heather Cameron V7.5.06