Umlani Bushcamp, Timbavati Reserve

September 2006

Timbavati is a private reserve, which borders Kruger.
There are no fences between,
so animals are free to wander between Timbavati and Kruger.

As ever, Obey all Road rules.

Roughing it in the bush, yet again

Stripey Horses

As a private reserve, Timbavati offers exclusive services to Guests.
The guides are well prepared for any eventuality..

Whether footing it in search of rhino...

being first to spot hidden animals....

......and of course most importantly serving the drinks..

With less people around, off route restrictions are less and so Timbavati offers some phenomenal animal portrait opportunities.

Perfect Camouflage - on a Zebra crossing

Steenbok. Normally Solitary and shy

Baby giraffe - less than 12 hrs old

This one is Particularly fearsome when disturbed

Next day...

All pictures © 2006; Bill Osborne and Heather Cameron V7.5.06