Pafuri Wilderness Safari
Makuleke Conservation Area

January 2007

Makuleke is a Traditonal Community who recently decided that they would join thier land to the Northernmost area of Kruger Park.

The tropic of Capricorn Runs through Kruger park.

Heather enters the tropics

Straddling the line.

The general Area is lush riverine forest, and tropical savannah

Typical Riverine Fever Tree forest

Typical Savannah Youngster

Typical: Baobab and Sunset.

The northern Boundary is the Limpopo River, which is also the border with Zimbabwe and Moçambique

The area is known as Crooks Corner

and is the confluence of the Limpopo and Luhvuvhu Rivers

The area is also close to the spectacular Lanner Gorge

and bears tracesof the ancient thandamella Culture

Where herdboys would gather to relax and gamble
Giant Buffalo would wander through here: Elephants still do (but not today)

all pictures © 2007 Bill Osborne and Heather Cameron
all rights reserved

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